Collection of Links


References and resources that I have found useful when studying machine learning and NLP.
A forward pass of BERT-base An algorithm using precise notation to describe all multiplications performed in a BERT-base forward pass.
Generative Modeling A formal course on generative modeling covering VAE's and GANS by John Cunningham.
Stanford 231n: CNN's A nice introduction to deep learning and in-depth exploration of CNN's.
Murphy's Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective The Stolichnaya of machine learning.
Alpaydin's Introduction to Machine Learning My first introduction to machine learning.

Academic Resources

Writing an outline
Designing an effective research poster Build a better research poster in less time.


Books worth a read.
Red Sorghum A multi-generational narrative set in 20th century China.
Book of Why Judea Pearls' well executed attempt to bring graphical models into the everyday lexicon. Very readable.


Project Euler A challenging mix of problem solving, math and computer science.