My name is Andriy Mulyar and I am undergraduate passionate in mathematics and computer science. My research interests reside in the intersection of machine learning, statistical learning and natural language processing. I particularly enjoy tackling interesting problems in text mining and information extraction.

The below projects encapsulate big-picture goals I am currently pursuing or have pursued.

Current Projects

medaCy: Medical Text Mining and NLP Framework
medaCy is a highly predictive text processing and NLP research framework built over spaCy that leverages cutting-edge tools for mining medical text.
August 2018
Decision Trees: Exploiting Local Data Properties and Nested Ensembles
Trees are excellent learners: simplistic, interpretable and versatile. This project explores their interaction with local data characteristics to improve predictive performance and interpretability.
March 2018
Reproducible Machine Learning
Effective methods to maintain replicable and reproducible research environments in computational science domains.
November 2018

Inactive Projects

Gateway Math
A software for mathematics educators to generate dynamic worksheets.
January 2017